Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last time I blogged, my ipod went missing. It never did show up and then I found other items had gone missing also, such as: much of my gold jewelery and family heirlooms. This has totally upset me and makes me sick to my stomach. The ipod was replaced but the other items cannot be. I, consequently, asked for my keys back and kicked the BF to the curb as he repeatedly denied everything and tried to blame my son, who, BTW has no access to my apartment when I'm not home. Whatever!!!! Get the F*** out of my life forever. If I ever see you again it will be far too soon!!!

That was then, and this is now....

Since then my life has been totally wonderful. I had a wonderful 4th of July with close dear friends. In August, I attended my 35th high school reunion for which I was on the planning committee.

It turned out fantabulous.....But I will say, planning a class reunion compares to planning a wedding. It was so much fun getting reacquainted with old friends. By the time the 3 days were over, I was totally exhausted. I found that, in our "golden" (LOL) years, I cannot party like its 1999 anymore......LOL

Back in July I also attended a reunion from my childhood years living back on McNeil Island. Yes, the prison.....My dad was a prison guard there back when it was still a Federal Penitentiary. We lived on the island. Living there is an experience that can never be matched. You build life long bonds, even with the people that came after you left. The laid back life, beautiful landscapes and open clean air plus all the wildlife: raccoons, deer, etc. made this the most wonderful place to grow up.

Me in front of my old house. It is soooo cute!

To find out it was one of the homes that was kept up made me so happy.

Now I know why I have always loved Daisies and Victorian houses
My true BFF. We hadn't seen each other in 47 years since my family moved off the island. We kept in touch through out the years via the postal service and then email and now Facebook!!!

Our 1963 Kindergarten Graduating Class, recreating the class photo....LOL

Being an "Island Kid" is one of the most cherished memories of my whole life. To be able to go back on the island after 47 years was one of my biggest wishes come true!!

Now I am preparing for possibly 2 new editions to my home. My brother's Chihuahua is preggers with 5, yes 5 puppies. I am laying claims to 2 of them. So this will mean a trip to Dallas to pick them up in a couple months. I so can't wait....

I think that has about caught you all up on my life and times......So, now to deal with the end of summer and beginning of Fall and then (yuck) winter.....I'm already wishing for a quick return of Spring!

Until next time.....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ipod touch where art thou????

What a way to wake up on my birthday. My ipod went missing.....I do not misplace things. I am too anal for that. I always put things in the same place so I know exactly where they are. I could find them in my sleep. But for some reason both my ipod and charger are missing...Very strange. It's not that its missing that upsets me, it can be replaced & everything on it is in my library on itunes. What bugs me is its not where its supposed to be. I use it at work, while my route. Hopefully, it will show up before I return to work later this week. Urgh!!!!!!!

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

OMG! What a way to wake up on a beautiful Sunday morning.....I received an email from my (1/2) sister (who has always lived in the Bay Area & was raised by my grandmother), telling me she didn't want to be associated with me as her sister on Facebook. We have totally differing points of views politically and spiritually. But this really cuts the cake. I am a progressive and she is revolutionary....needless to say, not only does she denounce this country she wants to denounce her relationship with me. Her loss!!!!!

I surely know, my grandmother and daddy are rolling over in their graves right now.....

I believe in Karma and THIS will come back on her 3 fold. If I cut off a family member, it isn't because of politics or religion. Its due to how they treat me and others close to me. I have always given her the respect and love even though she's a bit radical. I have always stuck up for her with other family members. So, I will move on from this bump in the road with dignity after I get over the hurt and anger.

God said the road would not be easy, but worth it in the end....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yes, I am still alive!!!!

Hopefully, I still have some followers. It has been a tough past year for me. But this year I vow to be better than ever. I bid on a new route at work and have been awarded it. Whoo hoo! It is half walking and half mounted (driving)...yay!!!!!

My eldest brother is recuperating from open heart surgery. He had a heart attack late last year and had triple bypass surgery. Living in Dallas Texas, I am not afforded the freedom to visit at whim. But we do talk on the phone frequently.....I will be traveling there in May to pick up my Chihuahua puppy. His two Chi's, Tigger & Cece mated. Cece is prego's......woohoo!!!! I can't wait. It's kinda like waiting for your surrogate to have your baby.....hehe!!! I said almost like...

Life is starting to get back to some kind of norm after my mom's passing this last summer. Trying to get back tp my knitting and spinning.

Here are a few things that I have finished.

Everglade by Woolley Wormhead

Children's Neck Down Cardigan #981 by Diane Soucy "Chloe's Hoodie"

Ishbel by Ysolda Teague

On my needles: Heather Hoodie Vest
I have the back and one of the front pieces done. Working on the 2nd front piece and then on to the actual hood.

I am soooo sorry it has taken so long for me to post anything to this blog....Like I have said in the past.....hopefully, I won't take as long for the next posting.

I am also enjoying watching the US kick some serious bumm on the rest of the world during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Although, I am not alone with complaining about NBC's coverage. I live maybe 2 1/2 hours from Vancouver. But we have to wait for a 3 hour delay in television coverage. Our local NBC channel (KING5) says they have no's all NBC.....JEER's to NBC....give the contract back to ABC....please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Well, the last time I blogged it was about my birthday back in June............hmmmm time gets away. Oh and yes! it was Las Vegas...We had a great time.

This has not been a good year for me. After the break up with FFBF in April, my mother passed unexpectedly in July. As we are not a close family, one of my siblings has been, let me say, making things a bit difficult. I have been trying to cope with my grief and have had to set some boundaries.

Mom (sitting)
1932 - 2009

I love you

I made the trip down to Dallas where my mom had been living with the other sibling, to go through her things. While there I drove to Houston to visit a very dear friend. My BFF Janet's eldest brother who had been battling with prostate cancer for the past few years. I spent some very special moments with him. This weekend, 1 week to the day of seeing him, he passed. I will truly miss him. He meant so much to me, more than anyone will ever know. This world has lost a most wonderful man. Heaven has gained one.....

This is him 2 years ago at BFF's wedding........

Roosevelt "Jitter" Savanah Jr
April 29, 1953 - October 24, 2009

You will forever be missed. You touched so many lives.........Rest in peace

I have been trying so hard to get back to knitting, since it has always been my solace in hard times. It is slowly coming back.

While in Dallas my SIL took me to a cute yarn shop. The Shabby Sheep.....Needless to say, I will visit this shop again when I return to Dallas.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's that time of year again!

It's my birthday again, and my BFF is kidnapping me just like she did for my 50th two years ago. She will not tell me where we are going. A clue here and a clue there....TSA screening, desert, 3 hour ride, hot days & cool nights.....hmmmm...What do you all think....ideas please. I am thinking Vegas, but could be wrong.

Stay tuned for more.......

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Alone Again.........

I have been trying to pick myself up after FFBF broke up with me out of the blue......

This song keeps playing in my head.

And this Freddie Fender song also:

I know that life will get better for me, but after 3 1/2 years, seemed to be wasted, and the 30+ year friendship lost, it's hard to just get over it. Especially, when there was no warning and a lame excuse for it. I just feel that he is not being totally honest with me. For that matter, I don't think he ever has been. That is what truly hurts along with the non-communication and feelings of betrayal. Friends are supposed to be honest and transparent. Friends are not supposed to hide or retreat when things appear to get a little challenged. You deal with the issues together and move on. It's supposed to make your relationship stronger.

I have been slipping between hurt and anger and wish that these feelings would subside. I have returned to
church and that has helped somewhat so far. I have also reached out to friends....THANK GOD! for friends. They have rallied around me.

A little wine, food and a campfire and some honest to goodness good friends do the spirits some good.

THANK YOU! Riel, Mimi and of course, my BFF Janet!!!!!

Meantime I have finished Mr Greenjeans

Last weekend I planted some Tomato Plants. Roma, Red Grape, Yellow Pear and Patio. Let's see how many I get. I do get good sunlight on my balcony.

Until next time......Knit on!