Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I really have new addiction. I bought a wheel a couple months ago and finally got it to work for me. Whoo hoo!

My first skein came out thick and thin. But one of my friends told me that the fiber wasn't really that good for a beginner. Drafting was very difficult.

When I was at Renaissance Yarn in Kent spinning, I bought some Louet Merino roving. This spins like a dream for me as a beginner.

Today I finished spinning it and plying it. It is now hanging in the shower drying.

Here are some photos I had promised awhile back of my finished Olive Branch Yoga Hoodie. My first hoodie. As you can see I left off the front pockets. I knit the first one up and it was so so small. I couldn't even get my fingers completely in. I don't have large hands either. Pockets are to use, so since they weren't usable, I left them off.

I also have finished the Child's Top down Bolero from Knitting Pure and Simple and the Toddler's Felted Hat. Both are for my grand-daughter Chloe's 3rd Birthday.

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All my photos are there also.

Until next time "Keep on Clickin" or "Whirrrrr!"

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Baby's Got Barack

Being that I am caucusing in our legistative district this Saturday for Obama, I thought this was an appropriate way to get the team spirit going......

Kinda like an old school pep rally. Check it out!