Saturday, June 30, 2007

Owl Post From Hogwarts

I received quite a few items in the parcel. Harry Potter postcards & stickers, Jelly Belly's & chocolate, beautiful Gryffindor stitch markers, "Bee Bar" Lotion, drawstring Sock Bag in Gryffindor red, Addi Turbo's (whoo hoo!)
and I've left the best for last: Gryffindor socks in the Jaywalker pattern.

They fit perfectly. Don't you think?

Thank you so much, Stephanie!!

Looking forward to being a 2nd year at Hogwarts this fall.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Whoo Hoo!! Ravelry

I received my invite to Ravelry yesterday. I spent most of the afternoon and evening setting up my account. It looks likes it is going to be a great tool for us knitters.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yea!! More FO's

While being on vacation I have been able to catch up on some projects. I actually completed two pairs of socks.

Diamond Back Socks from Yarnballboogie knit with Kindred Spirit

Horcrux Socks knit with Regia

I am almost done with the Violet's Pink Ribbon Monkey Socks. Oh, I almost forgot. I am participating in the International Tote Bag Exchange. I have finished my partners bag, but I cannot post a photo right now since my partner knows who I am. After she receives it I will then post a photo. It turned out great so I hope she likes it.

I have also started on the Monterey Bay Scarf from Interweave Knits

Here is the loot I came back from Victoria with, from Beehive Wool on Douglas Street. Of course, more sock yarn and a pattern for a cute felted Tea Cosy.

I am now thinking about the next socks that I will knit. I put in another order to Lisa Souza for a skein of C'ant Elope and a skein of Agua Fresca. They are so scrumptious......yummy....squee....!!

More to come later....until then, Knit on!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Big "50" Abduction

Well, on Friday morning I was abducted by my BFF Janet. She whisked me off to the Victoria Clipper for an overnight trip to Victoria BC, Canada. She and my DBF Michael had this all planned for a couple of weeks. Boy, did they get me good.

Here are the photos of the trip.

I did not leave "Owl" behind....

Here's Owl looking up some of the city's attractions.

Here I am getting a little sick from the rough ride through the "Straights" Of course, Janet made me up a Barf Bag in French.....

Here is Owl and I standing on the balcony of our hotel room. The famous "Empress Hotel" in the background. We are so excited about "High Tea" there tomorrow.Owl and I are in yarn heaven. We found "Beehive Wool" on Douglas Street. About a 15 minute walk from the hotel. We did a lot of fondling......This is a must see if you ever go to Victoria.

Here we all are checking out the cool phone booth. Although, Owl really wanted to make a call to "Jolly ole'" England! We had to yank her out of there.......

"Oh my gosh!" My heart be that really the "Traveling Gnome"?

Does it look like me???

Here' s a guy for the ladies below....

Here I am at the Legislation Building. For those of you that don't know, Victoria is the capital of British Columbia. Here we all are at "High Tea" in the beautiful majestic Empress Hotel. They began having high tea here in 1909 because the Duchess of Bedford would complain about getting a little hungry around 5 pm every day. So high tea began and became a tradition here at the Empress. the tea sandwiches, scones and cookies were wonderful. The tea I had here was the best I have ever experienced. Can't wait to have it again. They gave you a complimentary box of tea at the end.

Look they didn't even leave me a crumb........(sigh)

The Empress Hotel and it's beautiful surroundings.

We couldn't leave Victoria without posing with our favorite guy that sits outside our hotel at the fountain.

Here we are back on the Clipper, with all our stash, for the ride back to Seattle. Hopefully, it won't be as rough as the trip up. This time I have my motion sickness pills and ginger candy to help.

If this is what happens at 50, I can't wait for my next birthday......

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Need Another Vacation !

I have been back in the US for 2 weeks now. I need another vacation to recuperate from my trip to Mexico.....Today was actually the first day that I have had to just relax, but what have I done today?? Vacuum, dust and laundry. After I finish this post, I am going to sit down and watch a movie and knit. I've been looking forward to watching "The Good Shepherd" with Matt Damon and Robert DeNiro.

I have a new addition to my little family. Take a look see

I've been thinking about naming her Zoe or Dharma Sue....What do you all think? I am terrible about naming pets. If anyone of you out there have any other ideas, just send me a comment.

Here is one pair of the socks that I am working on. They are the "Seize DiamondBack" from I'm using yarn from Kindred Spirits.

I finished these in time to wear them on the plane when I went to Mexico. They are just a basic basketweave pattern using Trekking XXL #100.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Life in Paradise with a Traveling Owl

Here I am on the way to Paradise. This was my first trip to Mexico, although Lisa and Michael have been there before. This was the first time they ever took me with them...Go Figure!

This is cool! I've never flown this way before. I'm used to doing all the work. This is going to be a real vacation.

I have arrived.....whoo hoo! Palm Trees, Sandy Beaches, what else could an Owl want?

Well, there could be one other thing! TEQUILA !!!!

Mmmmmm! Paradise.....

Where's my Cabana Boy ?? I want my drink in a Big Pineapple with an umbrella served by a cute Cabana Boy

Michael and Lisa took me to the Malecon' in Puerto Vallarta. We stopped in Hooter's. I thought I might run into some of my buddies.....yeah right! I was in for a big surprise. I did not see any other owl's. What I did see was a bunch of girls in tight tank tops and short (and I mean short) orange "Daisy Duke's"....Boy, was I disappointed......

I did make one aquaintance...Meet Lupita. She is going to go live with Lisa's granddaughter Chloe.

I also got to go on a boat ride through the canals of Nuevo Vallarta. We got a tour of the expensive homes and I also saw some wild life: Croccodiles, Pelicans, Crabs and a bunch of Iguanas. The Iguanas run around down here like the squirrels do back home.....
Wait til you see the one I met at the pool...

What a night!!!! urgh!! REMEMBER....What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico......

Just a little hung over!

Vacation in Paradise is over.....

Here we are back at SeaTac.........Back to reality.

Next Las Vegas!!!!