Monday, October 26, 2009

Well, the last time I blogged it was about my birthday back in June............hmmmm time gets away. Oh and yes! it was Las Vegas...We had a great time.

This has not been a good year for me. After the break up with FFBF in April, my mother passed unexpectedly in July. As we are not a close family, one of my siblings has been, let me say, making things a bit difficult. I have been trying to cope with my grief and have had to set some boundaries.

Mom (sitting)
1932 - 2009

I love you

I made the trip down to Dallas where my mom had been living with the other sibling, to go through her things. While there I drove to Houston to visit a very dear friend. My BFF Janet's eldest brother who had been battling with prostate cancer for the past few years. I spent some very special moments with him. This weekend, 1 week to the day of seeing him, he passed. I will truly miss him. He meant so much to me, more than anyone will ever know. This world has lost a most wonderful man. Heaven has gained one.....

This is him 2 years ago at BFF's wedding........

Roosevelt "Jitter" Savanah Jr
April 29, 1953 - October 24, 2009

You will forever be missed. You touched so many lives.........Rest in peace

I have been trying so hard to get back to knitting, since it has always been my solace in hard times. It is slowly coming back.

While in Dallas my SIL took me to a cute yarn shop. The Shabby Sheep.....Needless to say, I will visit this shop again when I return to Dallas.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's that time of year again!

It's my birthday again, and my BFF is kidnapping me just like she did for my 50th two years ago. She will not tell me where we are going. A clue here and a clue there....TSA screening, desert, 3 hour ride, hot days & cool nights.....hmmmm...What do you all think....ideas please. I am thinking Vegas, but could be wrong.

Stay tuned for more.......

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Alone Again.........

I have been trying to pick myself up after FFBF broke up with me out of the blue......

This song keeps playing in my head.

And this Freddie Fender song also:

I know that life will get better for me, but after 3 1/2 years, seemed to be wasted, and the 30+ year friendship lost, it's hard to just get over it. Especially, when there was no warning and a lame excuse for it. I just feel that he is not being totally honest with me. For that matter, I don't think he ever has been. That is what truly hurts along with the non-communication and feelings of betrayal. Friends are supposed to be honest and transparent. Friends are not supposed to hide or retreat when things appear to get a little challenged. You deal with the issues together and move on. It's supposed to make your relationship stronger.

I have been slipping between hurt and anger and wish that these feelings would subside. I have returned to
church and that has helped somewhat so far. I have also reached out to friends....THANK GOD! for friends. They have rallied around me.

A little wine, food and a campfire and some honest to goodness good friends do the spirits some good.

THANK YOU! Riel, Mimi and of course, my BFF Janet!!!!!

Meantime I have finished Mr Greenjeans

Last weekend I planted some Tomato Plants. Roma, Red Grape, Yellow Pear and Patio. Let's see how many I get. I do get good sunlight on my balcony.

Until next time......Knit on!

Monday, February 16, 2009

OMG! Yes, I'm still here. I have not abandoned the blogging world. So much has happened since October. We have elected a new President....yipee! I am so so happy that the Bush era is finally over. Now for the clean-up. I watched the movie "W" this past week and if there is any truth to it, it has totally validated my opinion why we are at war and that he IS a total idiot. Well on to other news.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I spent it with my boyfriend and his family. Fabulous food and conversation. We finished the evening off with going to the cinema to see the new James Bond movie. I just love Daniel Craig as Bond. Quantum Solace was good but in keeping with sequels, Casino Royale was better.

Christmas was a disaster. You see, here in the Seattle area, we don't have white Christmases. For some reason, I got to experience one. ACK! With all the hills and the people that surely do not know how to drive in it, that is a recipe for disaster. The plan was to spend the day with my boyfriend at my family's in Edmonds. NOT!!! The city was paralyzed. Our mayor would not salt or use de-icer on the streets due to the sea life. HELLO! There is salt water in the Sound........
Enough said. So, I spent my first Christmas totally alone and snowed in.

This past week I have had a new experience. BPPV Not fun at all. For all of you that have this, you understand. I have been off work due to this and will try to get back this week. But, I have been knitting!!

I did get to the Madrona FiberArts Fest this weekend. Lovely exhibits and booths as always. Running into fellow knitters and spinners that you know from the online communities and meeting new ones is always fun. I did get a chance to have a friend take photos of me in my Central Park Hoodie that I finished last fall.

My friend Debbie models her finished fair isle sweater. She did a wonderful job! It looks fabulous.

Ta Da! More finished objects.......

The Scrunchable Cowl done with Malibrigo worsted in UW Husky colors...Woof Woof!

Reading Mitts done with Cascade Cloud 9, a merino angora blend. Love the halo from the angora. These look so Victorian.

These were my first completed Fair Isle project. I think they turned out fabulous! They are the Herringbone Mittens I just love the black & white.

Last but not least, some yarny goodness. One of my purchases at the Madrona FiberArts Fest. Chameleon Colorworks Footsie in the Flamingo Sunrise colorway. What a way to get in the spring mood. Can't wait to knit up some socks in this.

In closing, I hope it isn't as long between blogs this next time. I do apologize to all my readers. I did notice some of you stopped following me. Hopefully, you will return. Thanks to all of you that have stuck around.

Until next time, Knit on!