Monday, October 26, 2009

Well, the last time I blogged it was about my birthday back in June............hmmmm time gets away. Oh and yes! it was Las Vegas...We had a great time.

This has not been a good year for me. After the break up with FFBF in April, my mother passed unexpectedly in July. As we are not a close family, one of my siblings has been, let me say, making things a bit difficult. I have been trying to cope with my grief and have had to set some boundaries.

Mom (sitting)
1932 - 2009

I love you

I made the trip down to Dallas where my mom had been living with the other sibling, to go through her things. While there I drove to Houston to visit a very dear friend. My BFF Janet's eldest brother who had been battling with prostate cancer for the past few years. I spent some very special moments with him. This weekend, 1 week to the day of seeing him, he passed. I will truly miss him. He meant so much to me, more than anyone will ever know. This world has lost a most wonderful man. Heaven has gained one.....

This is him 2 years ago at BFF's wedding........

Roosevelt "Jitter" Savanah Jr
April 29, 1953 - October 24, 2009

You will forever be missed. You touched so many lives.........Rest in peace

I have been trying so hard to get back to knitting, since it has always been my solace in hard times. It is slowly coming back.

While in Dallas my SIL took me to a cute yarn shop. The Shabby Sheep.....Needless to say, I will visit this shop again when I return to Dallas.