Monday, June 9, 2008

It's Junuary in Seattle!

This is summer in Seattle. The rest of the country is having swealtering hot weather. OMG! I am so tired of the cold and wet weather here. If I could afford to move, I would. Somewhere where it is warm and has sunny beaches and Palm Trees.

How I dream of the sun.........

The Weatherman says you have to go way back to 1894 to find comparable weather for this time of year here.

OTN: Simply Ginny's Socks the 2nd

Off the Wheel: My 1st Sock Weight

I almost forgot. My Aunt and I went to a book signing with Debbie Macomber. My Aunt bought "Twenty Wishes" for me for my birthday. Her fifth book in the knitting series. Debbie autographed it for me. This is the 2nd time we have gone to see her. She is a very lovely lady.

Well I am heading out to my spinning group now. So until next time..."Keep on clickin'", or "Whirrrrr"