Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lucy Neatby at the Seattle Knitter's Guild

This past week I went to see Lucy Neatby at The Seattle Knitter's Guild. She was awsome!

I met my new friend weebug that I met on Plurk there.

The Traveling Owl's European Vacation

I have finally found the time to blog about my trip to France & England. Since Lisa didn't get to go, she told me and my escort Michael to take a lot of photos. Which we did. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip,, as you will see in the following photo montage.

This is where Michael let me captain the boat for awhile down the canal from Joigny to Corbigny France.

Then on the the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysee to the Arc de Triumphe!

We also went to the Palace of Versailles......

Now I knew it has always been about's true, all roads in Paris lead to me!!

Here I'm at the Louvre, sensational. Oui?

Now on to the U.K.

Wow, here we are Stonehenge. How did those Druids build this. It is more awesome in person than in photos or on TV

Buckingham Palace....I think I prefer Hogwarts Castle

On to shopping at Harrods......hmmmm. What I need money? Michael, give me my purse.

She truly was the "People's Princess"

Distance relatives from the other side of the tracks. They are always begging for food. Which reminds me of a song in Mary Poppins

This guy keeps popping up every where I travel to. He was in Victoria BC last summer when I was there. He must be following me. STALKER!!!!! Where's a Copper when you need one.......

Now we're back in the USA and it was a wonderful vacation. Hopefully, next time we can take Lisa with us.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh! What a night!

History has been made!!

I attended an Obama Watch party last night at Gordon's on the Green-Foster Golf Course in Tukwila, Washington. A suburb of Seattle, 11th Legislative Dist.

It was an amazing experience to be with like minds, watching an historical event such as this. It brought tears to my eyes. To have grown up during the Civil Rights Era and to see Dr. King's dream come to fruition was totally amazing. But the job is not done yet. We need to get this man elected because "8 IS ENOUGH!"

Sunday, August 17, 2008

2nd Blogiversary!!

I can't believe it's been 2 months since my last post. I have gotten totally lazy with my blogging. It's my 2nd blogiversary so I thought I should post something.

Last weekend I attended the monthly NwRSA meeting. We met at Chelsea Farms in Renton. Here are some photos of the baby Alpacas...they are soooo soooo cute. Especially the little white one that is only 2 weeks old.

Wish I could have one for a pet. But I don't think the Apt Manager would approve...hmmm

Monday, June 9, 2008

It's Junuary in Seattle!

This is summer in Seattle. The rest of the country is having swealtering hot weather. OMG! I am so tired of the cold and wet weather here. If I could afford to move, I would. Somewhere where it is warm and has sunny beaches and Palm Trees.

How I dream of the sun.........

The Weatherman says you have to go way back to 1894 to find comparable weather for this time of year here.

OTN: Simply Ginny's Socks the 2nd

Off the Wheel: My 1st Sock Weight

I almost forgot. My Aunt and I went to a book signing with Debbie Macomber. My Aunt bought "Twenty Wishes" for me for my birthday. Her fifth book in the knitting series. Debbie autographed it for me. This is the 2nd time we have gone to see her. She is a very lovely lady.

Well I am heading out to my spinning group now. So until next time..."Keep on clickin'", or "Whirrrrr"

Sunday, May 4, 2008

To Admit or Not Admit, that is the question.

There are more and more male knitters coming out of the closet.

I saw this video on Baa Bonny Belle's Blog and thought it was great. So, soooo cute! I am going to share it with my readers also. Enjoy!

Blood Sweat and Wool
click on the link above

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I really have new addiction. I bought a wheel a couple months ago and finally got it to work for me. Whoo hoo!

My first skein came out thick and thin. But one of my friends told me that the fiber wasn't really that good for a beginner. Drafting was very difficult.

When I was at Renaissance Yarn in Kent spinning, I bought some Louet Merino roving. This spins like a dream for me as a beginner.

Today I finished spinning it and plying it. It is now hanging in the shower drying.

Here are some photos I had promised awhile back of my finished Olive Branch Yoga Hoodie. My first hoodie. As you can see I left off the front pockets. I knit the first one up and it was so so small. I couldn't even get my fingers completely in. I don't have large hands either. Pockets are to use, so since they weren't usable, I left them off.

I also have finished the Child's Top down Bolero from Knitting Pure and Simple and the Toddler's Felted Hat. Both are for my grand-daughter Chloe's 3rd Birthday.

Check me out on Ravelry: lisamartz

All my photos are there also.

Until next time "Keep on Clickin" or "Whirrrrr!"

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Baby's Got Barack

Being that I am caucusing in our legistative district this Saturday for Obama, I thought this was an appropriate way to get the team spirit going......

Kinda like an old school pep rally. Check it out!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

No Drama, please!

I am trying to stay positive on this holiday. The one thing about being single is the holidays can get you down a little. My boyfriend is spending the weekend with his kids and my son and granddaughter live out of state. Plus! it's a rainy cloudy dreary day. But alas! There is a knitting meetup today. Whoo hoo! My saving grace.

This will be a drama-less day after all.

Why is it that when a group gets larger there tends to be ownership issues. I have attended different groups and this seems to be an ongoing issue. Mind you, not all the groups I attend have this issue. Also, when field trips are taken by group members, most seem to chip in for transportation, be it: gas, driving, lunch or whatever. But you always have one that doesn't. And they don't even have a clue.....

I give up! What to do?

Knitting group is supposed to be a relaxing diversion to the otherwise hectic drama we all experience in our daily lives. This is supposed to be a (to coin a phrase from a tv commercial) "Calgon take me away" time. Don't get me wrong, most of the people I have met and made friends with through knitting group, I really like. But there's always that one that you would love to say: Get a Clue!

Does anyone else feel the same way? Sometimes I just feel like crawling up on the couch and knit by myself. Much less drama to deal with.

Well that's my rant for the day. Let me know what you think. Leave a comment.

Until next time, "Keep on Clickin'"

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Goodbye February, Hello Spring.........

Wow! Again another month came and went. Time just seems to slip on by. Made it through another Leap Year/Day. This must mean that Spring is not too far away......The Hummingbirds are back!

But, I did do a lot this past month. I bought a spinning wheel. It's used but I really didn't want to spend a lot of money at this time when I'll be trying to learn. Once I learn then I'll invest in a more expensive one. What I got was a "Babe". Apparently, I have heard through other blogs that spinners with the more expensive and beautiful wheels seem to think these aren't the real thing.....oh well. Can there also be spinning snobs? I know I'm a yarn snob but I won't put someone down due to them not preferring the same yarn as me.

I attended the Madrona again this year. If I was rich I would have been in heaven...I did purchase another Drop Spindle. That makes 3 now. I also bought some fingering weight yarn in University of Washington Huskies colors...the great purple and gold. Go DAWGS!

Last night I bound off my Olive Branch Yoga Hoodie. I just have to knit up the other pocket and seam up the hood. Today I'm going shopping for a zipper. I am so excited. It seems to fit also. Which is always a good thing. That was my issues for shying away from sweater knitting. But, by George, I think I've got it........

Photos to come later.

I also purchased a new mp3 player. This one is 2gb. Now I can crame more knitting podcasts in it. Keeps me entertained while walking my route every day.

Hopefully, I will post more this month. But until then "Keep on Clickin'"

Monday, January 28, 2008

I've Been Bitten........

I have certainly been bitten by the spinning bug. I've been wanting to learn and decided no time like the present. I went to Weaving Works in the U-district and bought a drop spindle and some roving. I love it.......

I have finished the Tilted Duster from the Fall 2007 issue of IK. My first FO of 2008....whoo hoo!

I have started Cookie A's Pomatomus socks using Pagewood Farm hand dyed sock yarn in Mariner's colorway. I have had this in my stash since the Stitch & Pitch last June. It works great with this pattern.

I have also started Little Gems Mitts from the Holiday 2007 issue of IK. I want to learn Fair Isle so I thought that this pattern was a simple one to learn from. I am using Elann Sock It To Me 4ply in Claret and Rose Wine colorways.

I have been on vacation since the 18th and now it is time to return to the working world. Tomorrow is the day......unfortunately. My next vacation won't be until May, when I'm planning on going to Mississippi to see my granddaughter Chloe for her 3rd birthday. There is a wonderful yarn store in Jackson, the name has slipped my mind. There is only one store listed in the phone book in Jackson so it is easy to find. It is located on Old Canton Road. I found it on my last visit to the south.

Hi ho, hi's back to work I go!

Until next time, Keep on Clickin'

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Boy, Where does the time go?

I can't believe this month is almost over and I haven't even posted yet this year. I finished knitting and blocking the Tilted Duster. I bought 2 cool buttons for the front at Shibori Dragon in Lakewood. Some of us from my SnB group went on a Yarn Crawl to Tacoma. Lamb's Ear, Shibori Dragon and Yorkshire Yarns. They are all great shops and each has something different to offer.

Last week at our Stitch & Bitch we had a very special guest. Ms. B from Knitters Uncensored Podcast. How exciting is that. It was great to meet her in person. We all had a fun time and took group photos with her.

I am now knitting the Olive Branch Yoga Hoodie, in Cascade 220 Heathers. I love this yarn. It knits up wonderful. Can't wait to complete it.

On the TV: Project Runway & Make me a Supermodel.

Until next time, Keep Clickin