Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

I received a dozen beautiful Roses from my DBF Michael.

Besides posting my finished Monkey socks, I haven't blogged in a while. I have been busy with work, knitting and trying to reduce my "Stash".

Looking through my stash, I have found yarn that I totally forgot I had. Let alone, "Why did I buy this ?" Also, I had aquired my mom's stash a few years ago when she gave up knitting. Alot of that dreaded cheap "acrylic" Ewee !! Yes, I am a "Yarn Snob" I have found that I have 2 garbage bags full to give away.

In January I attended the Madrona Fiber Arts
Marketplace It was awesome! A day of fondling fibers. I even got to fondle some Quivit. Wow ! $70 for a tiny tiny skein, barely enough for a scarf. Of course, I had to visit the Blue Moon Fiber's booth to purchase some "Socks that Rock" Clockwise from top: The Artful Ewe, STR "Lemongrass", STR "Citrine"


Lacy Trellis using Socks that Rock "Citrine"

I saw this yarn on another blog and just had to have it! I looked high and low for it with no luck. Lo and behold one of my LYS went directly to the distributor and snatched one up for me. It is Trekking XXL #100


I'm still working on the "Lombard Street" socks. They have kind of taken a back seat for the time being. Oh well LMOL !! "Cest le vie"

Until next time.....Keep those pointy sticks click'in

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Jill said...

I recognize those lacy trellis socks! Good to meet you this eve :)