Friday, April 6, 2007

Hogwarts Sock Swap Questionnaire

1. What Hogwarts house have you been sorted into?


2. Shoe size?

A wopping size 8

3. Foot Length?


4. Foot Circumference?

9 inches at the widest point

5. List your three favorite double-point needle brands, including size and length.

I don't use dpn's. I use circulars and the Magic Loop Method.

My all time fav's are Addi Turbo's usually 32" size 1 & 2

My 2nd choice would be Crystal Palace Bamboo circulars, same size and length

6. Would you like to try a new brand needle?


If so, which brand?

Brittany or KnitPics same size and length

7. If you are a RAVENCLAW, do you prefer the colors in the film or the book?


8. Are you willing to have an international Hogwarts Sock Pal?

Of course


Rebecca said...

If you go back in and highlight the Hogwarts Button and then click the hyperlink (chain) you can enter in Then, you will get 25 points for Gryffindor instead of 10. I normally wouldn't suggest doing that but I'm a GRYFFINDOR and we need the points :-)

Mandy said...

Hi I am your house prefect! I hope that you are having fun with the swap so far!! Happy knitting!