Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Traveling Owl's European Vacation

I have finally found the time to blog about my trip to France & England. Since Lisa didn't get to go, she told me and my escort Michael to take a lot of photos. Which we did. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip,, as you will see in the following photo montage.

This is where Michael let me captain the boat for awhile down the canal from Joigny to Corbigny France.

Then on the the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysee to the Arc de Triumphe!

We also went to the Palace of Versailles......

Now I knew it has always been about's true, all roads in Paris lead to me!!

Here I'm at the Louvre, sensational. Oui?

Now on to the U.K.

Wow, here we are Stonehenge. How did those Druids build this. It is more awesome in person than in photos or on TV

Buckingham Palace....I think I prefer Hogwarts Castle

On to shopping at Harrods......hmmmm. What I need money? Michael, give me my purse.

She truly was the "People's Princess"

Distance relatives from the other side of the tracks. They are always begging for food. Which reminds me of a song in Mary Poppins

This guy keeps popping up every where I travel to. He was in Victoria BC last summer when I was there. He must be following me. STALKER!!!!! Where's a Copper when you need one.......

Now we're back in the USA and it was a wonderful vacation. Hopefully, next time we can take Lisa with us.

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N. Maria said...

OMG! This was a fun read!
Thanks, Lisa and Traveling Owl!