Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last time I blogged, my ipod went missing. It never did show up and then I found other items had gone missing also, such as: much of my gold jewelery and family heirlooms. This has totally upset me and makes me sick to my stomach. The ipod was replaced but the other items cannot be. I, consequently, asked for my keys back and kicked the BF to the curb as he repeatedly denied everything and tried to blame my son, who, BTW has no access to my apartment when I'm not home. Whatever!!!! Get the F*** out of my life forever. If I ever see you again it will be far too soon!!!

That was then, and this is now....

Since then my life has been totally wonderful. I had a wonderful 4th of July with close dear friends. In August, I attended my 35th high school reunion for which I was on the planning committee.

It turned out fantabulous.....But I will say, planning a class reunion compares to planning a wedding. It was so much fun getting reacquainted with old friends. By the time the 3 days were over, I was totally exhausted. I found that, in our "golden" (LOL) years, I cannot party like its 1999 anymore......LOL

Back in July I also attended a reunion from my childhood years living back on McNeil Island. Yes, the prison.....My dad was a prison guard there back when it was still a Federal Penitentiary. We lived on the island. Living there is an experience that can never be matched. You build life long bonds, even with the people that came after you left. The laid back life, beautiful landscapes and open clean air plus all the wildlife: raccoons, deer, etc. made this the most wonderful place to grow up.

Me in front of my old house. It is soooo cute!

To find out it was one of the homes that was kept up made me so happy.

Now I know why I have always loved Daisies and Victorian houses
My true BFF. We hadn't seen each other in 47 years since my family moved off the island. We kept in touch through out the years via the postal service and then email and now Facebook!!!

Our 1963 Kindergarten Graduating Class, recreating the class photo....LOL

Being an "Island Kid" is one of the most cherished memories of my whole life. To be able to go back on the island after 47 years was one of my biggest wishes come true!!

Now I am preparing for possibly 2 new editions to my home. My brother's Chihuahua is preggers with 5, yes 5 puppies. I am laying claims to 2 of them. So this will mean a trip to Dallas to pick them up in a couple months. I so can't wait....

I think that has about caught you all up on my life and times......So, now to deal with the end of summer and beginning of Fall and then (yuck) winter.....I'm already wishing for a quick return of Spring!

Until next time.....

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