Monday, January 8, 2007

Ear Light

Yesterday I attended the Sunday Knitting Group at my LYS. It was the first since the new year began. We all hadn't seen each other since before Christmas, except for those of us that attend the local "Stitch & Bitch. So it was nice to find out about the Christmas gifts that had been knit and sent on their way to their new homes.

I am so excited about my new purchase: ear light. Yea!!

We had had a blackout the week before christmas. I was out of power for 3 days. Some were out for over a week. I wish I had the light during the outage. I had used a regular flashlight. Being able to knit kept my spirits up and also kept me from total boredom.

I totally recommend the ear light....I purchased mine from Radio Shack. It was very inexpensive.

Until next time.

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