Saturday, January 13, 2007

El Nino ??? (or is this some kind of joke)

I thought we were supposed to be having an unusually warm winter with "El Nino". I guess the National Weather Forcasters are having a good laugh at our expense.

It snows so little here that people seem to lose any common sense they did have when it comes to operating a motor vehicle. I have watched people try to ascend a hill covered with compact snow and ice without chains. What makes them seem to think that they will make it, especially those with rear wheel drive. Also, all those 4-Wheelers out there that seem to think they are immune to icy roads. I love to laugh when I see them in a ditch.

Well the Seahawks got out of "Dodge" yesterday to go to the "Windy City" to kick some serious Bear butt....

I'm a die hard Hawks Fan. Even though they are playing on "Da Bears" home field, never fear #12 will be there.

We have to give Taima The Hawk her props also as she leads the Seahawks on to the field and a victory.

Go Hawks !!!

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