Saturday, June 30, 2007

Owl Post From Hogwarts

I received quite a few items in the parcel. Harry Potter postcards & stickers, Jelly Belly's & chocolate, beautiful Gryffindor stitch markers, "Bee Bar" Lotion, drawstring Sock Bag in Gryffindor red, Addi Turbo's (whoo hoo!)
and I've left the best for last: Gryffindor socks in the Jaywalker pattern.

They fit perfectly. Don't you think?

Thank you so much, Stephanie!!

Looking forward to being a 2nd year at Hogwarts this fall.


Jen Smith said...

Isn't Stephanie just the greatest? I adore her. What a wonderful package she sent you. Congratulations!

Lumie said...

I am so glad that you like the package and that the socks fit. I was very worried. I used DharmaFay's Cosmic Fibers yarn. Her etsy shop is here